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Three Amigos
January 17, 2020 Moscow Mitch's devastating anti-American actions have crossed far beyond the Rubicon and into the territory of treason.
Three Amigos
October 17, 2019 President Trump's devastating anti-American actions have crossed into the territory of treason.
Direct connection between Putin and Trump?
October 10, 2016 Evidence now suggests Putin has been feeding his American bitch propaganda directly through a secret pipeline in an attempt to influence the American election.
dependable Toyota trucks
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Cadillac Ford F-150
The Art Of The Meal
February 7, 2018 President Dotard wants everyone to eat the same meals he enjoys and calls nutrition advice "hooey".
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
July 9, 2014 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the head of the ISIS terrorist organization that has seized control of large sections of Syria and Iraq. Baghdadi's goal is to slice the heads off Iraq President Maliki, Syrian President Bashir Assad, the King of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and many other Arab heads of state. Ironically only Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's detached head can be redeemed for cash as the U.S has offered $10 million cash for his head in a bag.
Greeks ready to hurl euro.
July 1, 2015 Marble headed Greeks have assumed the pose of hurling their euros into the Aegean Sea over the humiliating terms of their last financial bailout. The Greek economy is certain to collapse if they go it alone.
Are we in a new Cold War?
September 31, 2015 Recent aggressive military action by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Crimea, Ukraine and now an all out war in Syria have put U.S./ Russian relations at possibly a 30 year low when the Cold War was still on. Many analysts say a new cold war is already happening.
Babylon 2015
Nimrod Back In The News
March 5, 2015 After 4200 years the powerful king Nimrod mentioned in the Bible who was said to have lived the high life in the penthouse suite of the Tower of Babylon is still in the news. Islamic extremist terrorists are apparently still angry about something that Nimrod said or did all those years ago and took a sledge to Nimrod's tomb for the ten thousandth time.
New Australian Terror Scourge
Australian Terror Scourge
February 11, 2015 A new scourge of hopping mad terrorists are popping up in Australia and it's bloody piss in the ocean but it's spreading continental to yobbo sandgropers and sheepshankers spewin' Jihad rellie to the terrorist wads in Yemen which is a boat ride straight across the Indian Ocean.
Putinism Controls The New Mafia Russia
January 19, 2015 Communism has been replaced by Putinism as the cult of personality surrounding Vladimir Putin in Russia has grown to Czar-like levels due to his government's control of the Russian media and Russian mafia. Some analysts and historians call the new Russia a mafia state or Putinism and with Putin firmly in charge no change is expected any time soon.
Putin says I am helpful Honda guy.
Putin to Ukraine "I Am Helpful Honda Guy"
August 15, 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin has insisted on sending a convoy of not inspected and unescorted trucks into the remaining rebel held area of Ukraine despite protests from the Ukraine government that this is a direct invasion of Ukraine territory. Putin insists he's offering a great deal for Ukrainians or he'll eat a bug.
al Shabab now shish Shabab
Al Shabab Now Shish Shabab
September 5, 2014 Somalia sources confirmed that Ahmed Godane founder and leader of al Shabab, a murderous al Qaeda affiliated terrorist organization in Somalia and North Africa was eating delicious shish kabab when U.S. hellfire missiles struck and turned Ahmed Godane into shish Shabab faster than he could say death to America. Uncle Sam reminds all terrorists he's got an eye in the sky and you will die.
Putin pulls troops off border.
Putin Pulls Troops Off The Border
June 2, 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin pulled a few Russian troops off the eastern Ukraine border and they went for a hike with orders for no one to follow. Putin was unaware a Russian criminal organization filmed the shirtless homoerotic escapade which now plays on a Ukrainian subscription gun and porn channel throughout the Baltic region.
Putin used women as personal pawns.
Putin Used Women As Personal Pawns
March 26, 2014 Vladimir Putin reportedly took advantage of women especially attractive women and used them as pawns during the run up to the Sochi Winter Olympics. When it comes to bedding beauties no Russian has been more manly than the shirtless wonder since Genghis Khan and he wasn't even Russian. A coming Crimean baby boom will further disseminate the dominant manly genes of Mother Russia's main squeeze baby daddy Vlady "Papa" Putin.
Kim Jung gets all puffy for New Year's speech.
Kim Frog Gets Puffy For New Year's Message
January 2, 2014 North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un celebrated the New Year by getting all puffy and amphibiously boasting of the execution of his uncle and the nation's number two leader. Kim Jung Un called his uncle filth and then went about arrogantly frog puffing for hours while the North Korean people he considers flies have new reason to be more fearful than ever.
U.S. and Iran nuclear deal a matter of numbers.
All In The Numbers! It's A Deal At 5%
November 25, 2013 Americans and Iranians want peace and normalization of relations between their countries but that can't happen if Iran were to succeed at making nuclear bomb grade material above 20% enriched. In a huge diplomatic breakthrough for the West, the newly elected President of Iran and Iran's Supreme Leader agreed Iran would stop making bomb grade material in exchange for reducing economic sanctions and establishing formally Iran's right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. Iran can now claim the right to make all the 5% material it wants because that material cannot be used to make weapons so both sides have gained. The deal is on a six month trial basis to hopefully precede a long term agreement.
poison gas killers.
Poison Gas Killers Celebrate Anniversary
September 11, 2013 Bashar al-Assad has recieved assurances from Russian President Vladimir Putin his only ally besides Hezbollah and Iran that he can continue to use poison gas on his people because after Iraq and Afghanistan the West is too exhausted and too full of cowards and homosexuals to respond to even poison gas attacks that murder hundreds of children.
Cheerleaders shave Bush.
Cheerleaders Shave Bush
July 24, 2013 In solidarity with a young cancer patient George H.W. Bush and his ever present entourage of Texas cheerleaders got out the razor and shaved. The senior Bush is on an extended bucket list junket accompanied by a dozens of silky smooth Texas cheerleaders.
North Korea prepares for war.
North Korea Readies Small Nukes
April 29, 2013 North Korean missles and missle launches dominate the news but other delivery systems for nuclear weapons have also been under intense development. North Korean weapons development scientists and ichthyologists have added a nuclear capability to their notorious laser armed sharks first seen in 1997.
India tourism plummets. India Tourism Plummets - KAMA SUTRA CON Off
April 1, 2013 India police officials blamed recent gang rapes of female tourists on the victims themselves saying the victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time and should have asked local police if it was safe to venture into certain areas of India. Female tourists have reacted angrily by cancelling all vacation plans to India this summer. The annual Kama Sutra Con festival is under intense pressure to cancel because so few women are expected to attend that the annual celebration is likely to more resemble a routine weekend in the Mumbai men's lock-up than a long standing cultural celebration of certain Hindu goddesses.
Ahmadinejad Unveils Iran's New Stealth Fighter Jet
Ahmadinejad Unveils New Stealth Fighter Jet
February 13, 2013 U.S. and foreign intelligence agencies say Iran's new fighter jet is so secret that it probably doesn't exist except in an Iranian produced photoshop file. Ahmadinejad still went through with the charade as he has little time left in his term as Iran's President and is on a mad dash of activity to bolster his Iranian presidential legacy.
Voters Throw Out Tea Party Juvenile Delinquents
November 10, 2012 Three of the 2010 Tea Party GOP brats in the House of Representatives were voted out of office. They acted like spoiled rotten incorrigible little stubborn bastards and the voters did not approve. America has completely had enough of GOP Tea Party belligerent temper tantrum nonsense. Most children behave far better than most of the bratty Republican Tea Party members in Congress.
 Romney's binders full of Iowa women.
Romney's Binders Full Of Women - REJECTED by IOWA
October 18, 2012 If Mitt Romney is elected abortion will rapidly become illegal across the nation and that will require a Romney government round up of millions of female lawbreakers. In Iowa, grain binders are common sights in wheat fields and because of their dimensions they'll make perfect portable cages for all the female criminals that will be created under a Romney administration.
Romney Plan To Privatize Prisons and Reap Huge Profits From Mandatory Prison Labor
September 21, 2012 Step one requires lengthening prison sentences, outlawing labor unions and making massive nationwide arrest sweeps of those with skills matched to manufacturing, mining or agricultural positions that need filling in prison labor facilities. Americans from all backgrounds are already the hardest working labor force in the world but under the Romney plan of mandatory labor by the largest prison population on the planet, American labor will also be the least expensive for corporations to utilize. The Romney plan will not only generate huge profits for corporations and their billionaire shareholders but also provide huge potential savings for the U.S. government since prisoners will not accumulate federal benefits for prison labor. Those savings will provide the rationale for elimination of all corporate income taxes and Romney predicts that will trigger the return of trillions of dollars in secretly looted capital that he helped his fellow tax cheats hide around the world. That money can then be spent here by hedge fund billionaires on lavish sex orgy parties featuring Russian prostitutes held at $500,000 per month mansions and ultimately that will produce a stream of trickle down revenue for the not yet imprisoned citizen worker class and the small businesses in their containment living zones.
Job Killing GOP House Stooges
GOP House Stooges Keep Millions Unemployed
June 10, 2012 House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy are the three stooges most responsible for obstructing job creation in America. They have done absolutely nothing to help create jobs in America and their continuous anti-job creation efforts have been despicable, un-American and traitorous to the American economy. They have no justification for their evil deeds and they never ever answer a question truthfully or explain their anti-American activity to obstruct American job creation. Every working person in America needs to understand that these three Republican stooges are minions of multinational corporate giants and sworn enemies of American working people. READ MORE
Syria tourism down to zero
Syria Tourism Stops as Syrians Flee Giant Snake
May 19, 2012 Despite a lovely ad campaign tourists just stopped coming to Syria when news of the giant venomous snake leaked out to the rest of the world. So far over 5000 Syrians as well as foreign journalists, humanitarian aid workers and tourists have been killed by the deadly reptile which can reportedly spit artllery shells with lethal accuracy. Russia recently sent another huge shipment of heavy weapons and arms through their Mediterranean Sea port facility at Tartus to combat the unrelenting slithering scourge.
Moderate Republicans near extinction as Conservative species dominates.
Moderate Elephant Species Near Extinction As Conservative Species Dominate Breeding Ground
March 26, 2012 In a rapidly escalating humanitarian and animal kingdom political crisis, the once populous species of moderate Republicans are now an endangered species and near extinction. Conservative GOP elephant species have propagated prolifically in the past four years and most GOP candidates today are much more likely to bare tusks and be angry and aggressive and openly bully and berate weaker bulls as rhinos or Republicans in name only. Ongoing right wing talk radio breeding programs suggests the trend could continue.
Nuclear talks move like slow motion claymation.
Iran Nuke Talks - A United Nations Slow Motion Claymation Presentation
February 23, 2012 Progress with Iranians has three different speeds... slow, slower and slowest, and yet it is still impossible to see motion at any speed. Last week the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, gloated menacingly over a nuclear "breakthrough". Then the Iranian bureaucracy blocked IAEA inspectors from inspecting a particular nuclear site. And finally, the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared that it's a sin for any nation to possess a nuclear weapon and Iran only wants nuclear progress for peaceful purposes. The shell game has provoked crippling economic sanctions from the rest of the world and is costing Iran hundreds of billions of dollars and ruining their economy.
 Vladislav Golunov and FREAKINGNEWS.COM pass off assassination images and racist crap as photoshop fun
Motherfreaking Racist Russian Owner of FREAKINGNEWS.COM Encouraging Assassination Of U.S. President... AGAIN!
February 10, 2012 Online from Biysk, Russia, FREAKINGNEWS.COM is an anti-American propaganda operation of Vladislav Golunov protected by the Russian government and Communist Party. Golunov pays cash rewards for assassination-themed anti-American images and offensive racist crap. Anti-American propaganda can be effective around the globe in the battle for political and economic spheres of influence. Americans ignorant of ongoing Russian-sponsored evil need only look to Syria where today's modern Russia is the only country on earth defending the murderous tyrant dictator Bashar Assad. Almost 50 years ago a Soviet defector, Lee Harvey Oswald, assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy. To this day, assassination images of any President of the United States are NOT Photoshop fun and definitely NOT funny. BENZIBOX is a despicable anti-American propagandist who sells out all Americans with his sordid assassination-themed anti-American worse-than-pornographic filth. His and other assassination images are rewarded by Russian operative Vladislav Golunov because FREAKINGNEWS.COM EXISTS SPECIFICALLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF GENERATING ANTI-AMERICAN PROPAGANDA. Any American accepting a cash prize for the "best" depiction of an assassination of any U.S. President is a despicable human being and either a traitor or terrorist. The United States Secret Service is aware of Vladislav Golunov aka NewsMaster and his mission to disseminate assassination-themed anti-American images but has not intervened so far. A backlash by the American internet public would probably be the most effective weapon to discourage this anti-American Russian bastard. American patriots might want to contact this Russian son of a bitch at Facebook and request he remove all assassination images from his web site and then drop dead himself.
Ape House Rebellion
December 15, 2011 Speaker John "Caesar" Boehner has lost all control of anti-social and bad behaving Republican Tea Party monkeys in the Republican ruled House of Representatives exhibit inside the Washington National Zoo. In open defiance of his leadership, Republican Tea Party monkeys threw feces at the Speaker until he reversed his commitment to extend the payroll tax cut. His new impotent monkey position is "I was for a middle class tax cut before I was against it". Older apes say Boehner is the most incompetent Speaker monkey in the last 100 years.
Perry Open To Military Invasion Of Mexico
October 21, 2011 Apparently just like George W. Bush, a cocksure Rick Perry will need a new war to fight to assert his Presidential manhood. And not to be outdone in raw stupidity, Rick Perry is open to the idea and can envision American troops invading Mexico to kill Mexican citizens and destroy paramilitary criminal drug enterprises. If the U.S. government starts slaughtering Mexicans in Mexico how long would it take for their millions of relatives living in the United States to begin retaliation with a vengance. A more ignorant idea may have never been proposed by a modern Presidential candidate. Almost daily Rick Perry seems to suggest he is not smart enough to be considered a serious candidate for President.
Gingrich Gravy Train On Circular Track
December 15, 2011 Talk about a revolving door between Congress and lobbyists on K street is small talk unless you include the biggest hypocrite in American politics, Newt Gingrich. The Republican Presidential nomination may actually go to Gingrich despite his having been able to exploit the political system for at least $100 million of personal cash in a historical career of playing both sides of the political money game.
GOP Tea Party freshmen stick to their guns!
GOP Tea Party Freshmen Stick To Their Guns
August 23, 2011 The Tea Party GOP freshman class in the House of Representatives came to Washington D.C. and delivered on their bold promise to stand united and make a big stink until they got their way. Their loud and foul messages of "kiss our asses!" and "give us what we want NOW or else!" was so toxic that the Democrats and President Obama folded in the face of a fetid future for the financial prospects of ordinary Americans. America's best hope is that these in-your-face GOP Tea Party flatulent assholes are not re-elected, therby limiting their chances to further pollute the atmosphere with their shit-for-brains plan to march America into the 1800's.
Christie Grounds Helicopter
June 2, 2011 New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie has promised to reimburse the state of New Jersey for Christie's personal use of state helicopters. The budget-slashing darling of right wing Tea Party Conservatives was under fire for free spending and audacious hypocrisy.
NASA Scientist Discovers Alien Life Fossil NASA Scientist Discovers Alien Life Fossil
March 1, 2011 NASA astro-biologist Dr. Richard Hoover found fossils on a rare meteorite that he claims were formed by alien life forms. Hoover's findings were published in the Journal of Cosmology and Claymatography.
Bachmann Turns On Overdive
Bachmann Turns On Overdrive
January 25, 2011 Bachmann declares "You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet!" While Sarah Palin was chillin' in Alaska with a frozen Twitter feed, Michelle Bachmann was "Taking Care Of Business" by providing her own Tea Party flavored response immediately following the official GOP response to President Obama's State Of The Union Address.
Octomom pregnant again after TSA pat down.
Octomom Pregnant Again After TSA Pat Down
November 24, 2010 Intrusive doesn't begin to cover it. After an hour-long pat down with mood lighting and new age music, Octomom may be pregnant again with number 15 or 16. Octomom was gracious and signed autographs and sold a maternity bra to a collector.
GOP candidate Nazi re-enactment hobby
GOP Candidates And Nazi Reenactor Hobby
October 12, 2010 A Ohio Republican candidate who had his picture taken in Nazi uniforms many times says it's just a fun hobby. In the eastern United States, Civil War re-enactments are a tradition and thousands of enthusiasts participate every year. Lesser known are Nazi war re-enactments. However, that is exactly how the candidate explains the pictures of him wearing Nazi military uniforms. There are more enthusiasts in this peculiar hobby including women and more GOP politicians.
Oklahoma woman killed by lawnmower
Oklahoma Woman Killed By Lawnmower
September 12, 2010 The still unidentifiable woman was riding her lawnmower at a high rate of speed on a public road in Tulsa when she swerved to avoid a large pot hole and was thrown in front of the razor sharp mower blades. Officials are attempting to identify her from video captured on a feed store surveilance camera.
New modified top hat plan for deep sea gusher in oil-fouled gulf
New Snuggy Top Hat Ready For Cut, Cap & Suck
June 2, 2010 A hard working robot submarine using a diamond tipped saw sheared of the crumpled riser in preparation to lower a new and improved snugly fitting modified top hat dome. If all goes as planned most of the gushing oil will be sucked up into tanker ships on the surface. Unfortunately, even if successful, cut and cap will become cut and run if a hurricane approaches the ships. They'll have to abandon gusher and flee from any major storm.
Giant container plan failed to foil oil leak in oil-fouled gulf
100 Ton Fiasco: Container Fails To Foil Oil Leak
May 9, 2010 The 100 ton steel and concrete containment dome plans ran afoul and immediately turned into a 100 ton fiasco. The dome was discarded on the ocean floor. British Petroleum says they have another plan hope to have 85% of the leak plugged next by weekend.
Giant container lowered into oil-fouled gulf
100 Ton Container Lowered Into Oil Fouled Gulf
May 7, 2010 Work continued throughout the night despite choking oil fumes surrounding the crane. Robot submarines await below to help guide the 100 ton steel and concrete containment dome onto the target. British Petroleum says they hope to have 85% of the leak plugged this weekend.
Obama tours oil spill oil painting May 2 UPI
Obama Signs Veterans Healthcare Bill
May 5, 2010 President Obama signed the Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act that improves health care services for veterans and provides assistance and training to those who provide care to wounded warriors. The event occured while Obama toured the oil spill and preserved in an oil painting by a veteran currently unemployed due to the disaster.
at least 5000 barrels of oil per day are leaking into the Gulf of Mexico
Drill Baby Drill Led To Spill Baby Spill
May 1, 2010 In the big damn rush to drill baby, drill and suck up every drop of oil while it's still profitable, BP British Petroleum, has brought about an economic and ecological disaster.
Battallions of Wall Street lobbyists prepare for battle Senate Republicans Aide Wall Street Lobbyists
April 27, 2010 Senate Republicans temporarily delayed action on reform but how far will Republicans go to help indicted or convicted criminals. The Justice Department promises many more criminal indictments of major Wall Street players will be coming soon. President Obama was in New York last week explaining financial reform legislation. He asked Wall Street firms to call off their battallions of lobbyists and join the process instead of fighting necessary financial regulatory reform. The fact that many of the most crooked folks on Wall Street will soon be indicted, convicted and sent to federal prison has Wall Street very worried.
CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR RACE 2010: Jerry Brown is California's top cop
Jerry Brown
CSI Sacramento Edge

April 26, 2010 As California's top cop, Attorney General Jerry Brown can call for a fraud investigation of Goldman-Sachs including when Meg Whitman was a boardmember. Whitman admitted receiving perks worth $1.8 million. Those perks would be illegal today.
CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR RACE 2010: Billionaire Meg Whitman pledges $150 million to campaign
Meg Whitman
$150 Million Advantage

April 26, 2010 With $150 million dollars to spend in the California Governor's race the corporate queen of Ebay has bombarded radio and television with multiple mindnumbing commercials in mindboggling quantities unlike anything done before.
15,000 Illinois protesters want tax increase to save jobs
15,000 Want Tax Increase To Save Jobs
April 21, 2010 15,000 protesters descended on the state capitol in Springfield, Illinois demanding a 1% increase in the state income tax in order to save jobs. A woman who claimed to be a psychiatric nurse brought several patients who due to budget cuts could be left unsupervised or without their needed drugs. One of the patients, identified as her husband, was described as a bipolar serial protestor who also conducted the only counter demonstration of the day.
New $100 bill looks to outsmart counterfeiters
New $100 Bill Looks To Outsmart Counterfeiters
April 21, 2010 New United States $100 bills, available in 2011, look to outsmart or confuse counterfeiters especially North Korean counterfeiters who are likely to be unfamiliar with either Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young or Buffalo Springfield.
Research concludes Tea Party All spout no handle
Tea Party Pottery All Spout No Handle
April 18, 2010 Despite the popular perception, extensive polling research shows the Tea Party movement has been largely manufactured and orchestrated by one California Republican political consulting firm for inhouse profit and nothing close to a real grassroots movement.
Obama Aministration takes action to assist underwater homeowners and unemployed get mortgage assistance
Obama Takes Action For Underwater Homeowners
March 30, 2010 Obama Administration takes action to help underwater homeowners and unemployed get mortgage assistance. So far nobody has turned down mortgage assistance because they were really really angry at the President.
Possible new show on FOX
Conan Update: Dumps FOX For TBS
April 5, 2010 Conan Obrien will not be a part of any new show on FOX where viewer/contestants vie for seldom received right wing celebrity approval by enduring bellicose, belligerent, blood-boiling diatribes. Weekly topics are to include Russian bastards, politics, religion and anyone or anything currently annoying the right wing celebrity panel. Conan Obrien reportedly watched FOX cable for one weekend and immediately signed with TBS.
Palin to Tea Party rally: Don't sit down, shut up
Palin To Tea Party: Don't Sit Down And Shut Up
March 27, 2010 Sarah Palin told approximately 10,000 attendees at a Tea Party rally in Searchlight, Nevada "Don't sit down and shut up." The remainder of Palin's speech could not be heard by most in the crowd because nobody would sit down and shut up.
Divas increase lung capacity for 2010 tours
Divas Increase Capacity For 2010 Tours
March 27, 2010 When asked about her rapidly expanding bustline Mariah Carey said 'I don't know what the fuss is about. My huge sexy boobs are humongous and sexy, so what?'. Christina Aguilera's boobs have continued to expand since having a baby boy two years ago. Aguilera plans to ween her son off breast milk before kindergarten.
Kim Jong Un visits museum
June 2, 2015 While out and about visiting factories and dance recitals Kim Jong Un stopped into the National History Museum to visit the new taxidermy display of former military leaders that Kim had put to death for displeasing him.
Greeks ready to hurl euro.
August 3, 2015 The Russian economy has been knee-capped by Western sanctions over Putin's illegal annexation of Crimea and then a double whammy with low low oil prices. The Russian economic bear is awake and growling at Putin.
November 8, 2014 Like a scene from the classic movie "Andy Warhol's Dracula" ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is wounded but escapes in an American air strike on an ISIL convoy of vehicles in Syria. Also like Dracula this terrorist doesn't die easy but Uncle Sam has always had the look of determination when it comes to hunting terrorists. Osama Bin Laden set a record by surviving for over 10 years on the run but oddsmakers put Abu Baghdadi's chances of lasting that long at more than 99 to 1.
Putin Flying Under Radar
March 14, 2015 For almost two weeks Russian strongman Vladimir Putin has been flying under the radar and has not been seen or heard from in public. Rumors and speculation are running wild with even much talk about a possible coup. After his main political rival was murdered just hours before a planned news conference to expose massive corruption Putin has mysteriously disappeared from all public view.
Allegiance To Undermine American President
February 11, 2015 In a crass conspiracy worthy of it's own television series on CBS Bibi Netanyahu comes to America at the invite of partisan political hack John Boehner to insult America's President in a short-sighted self-serving insulting attempt to undermine American foreign policy and get reelected to a few more years of personal power in Israel.
Putin Invitation Possible Bromance Of The Year
December 21, 2014 Kim Jong-un hasn't had a friend since Dennis Rodman who dumped him when Kim fed his uncle to starving dogs. But Putin has lately felt a kinship with the young totalitarian egomaniac sadist who is worshiped like a God by his people and invited him to Russia to show the young dictator how a grown-up psychopath wields power and cruelty.
Cheney Responsible For U.S. Torture Tactics
December 8, 2014 Contrary to what some people may think waving the American flag does not mean supporting criminal torture and evil activities allegedly done in the name of America. America is not the land of torture despite former Vice President Dick Cheney's robust support for inhumane, illegal and utterly despicable interrogation techniques. Dick Cheney is a blood-soaked stain on America and America's history. Patriotic Americans nationwide are sickened by the actions of former Vice President Cheney and will never forgive him.UPDATE
Hell Baby: A Chance Of Rain 2
September 18, 2014 In the first movie Bashar Assad escaped an impending death after he used poison gas on his own people. Vladimir Putin got involved and saved Assad's ass. This time with al Baghdadi and ISIS running amok most of Syria and Iraq are now target rich for drone launched Hellfire missiles. A hard rain is gonna fall and this sequel is certain to be even bloodier than the original.
Putin sends Putin cadets into action.
Putin Cadets Ready For Action
April 22, 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin's Putin Cadets breeding program started long before the Sochi Olympics. The first class of teenage Putin cadets has graduated from the Putin Military Academy with advanced skills in anarchy, infiltration, marksmanship and explosives. They have been reported to already be in Ukraine infiltrating high schools in preparation for a barrage of bad behavior that will escalate exponentially as they age.
Putler's Ukranian invasion draws comparisons.
Putler's Ukraine Invasion Draws Comparisons
February 20, 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin perhaps high on self-delusion after Russia won the most gold medals at the Winter Olympics invaded neighboring Ukraine and occupied Crimea. Soon Crimeans will vote either yes or yes (no other choices) in an illegal and unconstitutional and fraudulent referendum to secede from the Ukraine and join Russia.
U.S. spying revelations jolt TV audience.
U.S. Spying Revelations Shock Americans
October 19, 2013 Americans were shocked to learn that the United States may have been spying on America's own allies including bugging the phones of heads of state. Despite many television shows dramatizing international espionage including routine wiretapping and more Americans just didn't want to know for certain that some of that is real while others assume everything on TV is real and speculate the government has been listening to everybody everywhere all the time for at least the last ten years.
poison gas evidence grows.
Poison Gas Killers Plot Escape
September 19, 2013 United Nations investigators have confirmed that sarin gas was used and it came from missiles fired from the direction of Syrian Army bases. Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin still insist it was a provocation by the rebels. They claim the rebels used poison gas on their own children to provoke U.S. military intervention against the Assad regime.
Breast fed babies are smarter.
Science Proves Einstein Had Advantage
July 30, 2013 Scientists and researchers have finally proven that breastfed babies are smarter. According to anecdotes from his drinking pals Einstein was a lifelong tit man and his mother had gigantic knockers. Einstein often encouraged young mothers to breastfeed in public but friends thought his story about smarter babies was just a ruse to get close to big titties.
Stealth bombers fly over Korean peninsula with message.
Stealth Bombers Fly Over Korea With Message
March 29, 2013 In response to recent multiple belligerent statements by North Korea's regime, in which they threaten all out war with the United States and South Korea, American stealth bombers flew across Korea in a clear message that words are one thing but instigate any military action against America and it's allies and the entire North Korean regime's leadership including their "Dear Leader" will be a smoldering pile of bone dead ashes within minutes.
Iraq celebrates 10th anniversary of American invasion.
Iraq Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Invasion
March 19, 2013 More than 50 Iraqi citizens died while celebrating the anniversary of America's invasion of their country. Car bombs were bursting across the country in the raucous celebration as auto accidents reached an all time high in part fueled by police officers refusal to man DUI checkpoints and an explosion of new drinking establishments.
North Korea propaganda sites hacked by Anonymous.
Did Rodman Aid Anonymous Cyber Attack?
April 5, 2013 Dennis Rodman is now the most popular American in North Korea and his influence on hair styles is widespread. Rodman personally recommend some porn sites to Kim Jong Un while they were getting wasted together after the widely publicized Globetrotters basketball game. Speculation is rampant that at least one of those porn web sites was the key to infecting the North Korean dictator's personal computer and more importantly the computers at every military facility Kim Jong Un has visited since Rodman's departure.
Pyongyang style not so much fun.
Pyongyang Stlye Not Much Fun - Dance Record Review
March 11, 2013 Dominating the official North Korean radio playlist this recycled techno dance number includes lyrics threatening a nuclear strike on the United States and South Korea. The song begins with electric marching music and a belligerent declaration that the armistice is terminated and North Korea will be justified in any attack against the horsey dance countries.
Bushmaster .223 assault rifle became legal under President George W. Bush
Bush Legalized Bushmaster .223 Assault Rifle
December 31, 2012 George W. Bush is already considered one of the worst U.S. Presidents in history but the damage from his disastrous eight long years in office continues to manifest evil. The Bushmaster.223 assault rifle used in the majority of the 2012 scourge of mass killings was illegal to sell or possess until Bush recklessly allowed the assault weapons ban to expire in 2004. Since then more Americans have died by assault weapons than died in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on 9-11-01.
McCain Vows To Stop Rice Nomination
McCain Boils Over On Rice In Senate Power Grab
December 1, 2012 Power crazed Senator John McCain has vowed to use any means within his power to stop the nomination of arch enemy Susan Rice as Hillary Clinton's replacement for Secretary Of State. McCain is also trying to carve out more power for himself by stirring up a frenzy that would require creating a committee just so he could be chairman. He just lost his last committee chairmanship due to term limits within the Republican Senate caucus.
President Obama protects family values.
America Votes To Move Forward
November 7, 2012 In a landslide electoral college victory President Obama was re-elected by winning 13 out of 13 crucial swing states in a humiliating loss for the GOP and Mitt Romney.
 Ryan washes clean pots as America laughs.
Ryan Washes Clean Pots As America Laughs
October 17, 2012 In one of the phoniest pieces of political baloney ever recorded Paul Ryan and his wife and kids pretended to wash clean pots and pans at a nonprofit soup kitchen where the meal had already been served and the dishes had already been washed and all the diners had already left the building. The fact that they were two hours late didn't stop the Ryan campaign from pretending they care about poor people. The Ryan Plan equates poor people with "parasites" and "refuse" so the level of hypocrisy displayed by the Vice Presidential candidate in this ridiculous staged photo op stop is mind numbing and indicative of the pure cynicism that fuels the Republican ticket.
 Ryan budget plan reclassifies poor people as parasites.
Ryan Plan Reclassifies Poor People As Parasites
August 12, 2012 Extreme poverty will run rampant among the underpriveledged class and create hostility and resentment from the wealthy elite who bitterly complain that wandering hordes of trash picking poor people are ruining the views from their luxury hilltop residences. Most gated private communities wiil employ heavily armed guards to chase the flotsam off. Ayn Rand, the Russian emigre author and ideological force behind the Ryan Plan called poor people "parasites" and "refuse". Romney and Ryan insist that most of the offensive freeloaders will eventually self deport, die off or be imprisoned where modern reeducation techniques can make them an asset to the larger corporate prison industry balance sheet.
Rising sea levels will flood New York City
Rising Ocean Certain To Flood New York City
July 12, 2012 Scientists are in complete agreement that the earth is getting warmer and that sea levels will rise as a consequence. The big questions remaining as far as New Yorkers are concerned is how long before New York City is underwater and will New Yorkers suddenly be swept out to sea if climate change accelerates.
Romney to tear down $12 million mansion to build $64 million palace
Lord Romney Will Tear Down $12 Million Mansion To Build $64 Million Romney Royal Palace
April 30, 2012 Mitt Romney is no fool when it comes to sucking every dollar out of every taxpayer funded opportunity so his third taxpayer subsidized vacation home will a very goddam big house overlooking the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, California. The mega mansion has a car elevator to the basement to keep the fleet of taxpayer subsidized bulletproof luxury cars. Architectural elements will reflect both the White House and the Mormon Tabernacle Cathedral under a lofty ceiling designed especially so the massive egos of the filthy rich elite can feel appreciated and godlike at all times. The foyer ceiling is so high Lord Mitt Romney's soul could hover 12 feet above his head with a video camera to document the omnipotence of a man with so goddam much money.
Romney Went To France To Dodge Vietnam Draft
January 15, 2012 55,000 Americans of Mitt Romney's generation were drafted, reported for duty, went to Vietnam and were killed. Ten times more American soldiers died in Vietnam than in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars combined. Mitt dodged the draft by spending 30 months during the Vietnam war bicycling around France enjoying croissants and sleeping in a palatial Paris mansion with stained glass windows, chandeliers, an extensive art collection, a Spanish chef and a personal servant. As a young man, while his high school friends and neighbors were serving their country and coming back from Vietnam in body bags, Mitt's idea of patriotic duty and serving America was to convert a few dozen French girls to Mormonism. But then Romney has never put America first. Just as in the 1960's when Mitt put religion before military duty to America, in the 1970's, 80's and 90's Mitt put huge profits for himself and fellow corporate raiders at Bain Capital far above concerns for his fellow American citizens. Leaving thousands of his fellow Americans without jobs and many of their lives ruined is not putting America first and no amount of dishonest spin will make it so. And finally Mitt's Presidential ambitions and the multiple convoluted flip-flopping positions he has taken on almost every issue has absolutely nothing to do with putting America first but have turned Mitt Romney into a liar almost every time he says a sentence. The Mitt Romney of today puts Mitt Romney first every single day of his life and is utterly undeserving the honor to serve America's armed forces as Commander in Chief.
Afghanistan police getting respect of public.
Afghanistan Public Express Respect For Police
February 13, 2012 American politicians on all sides may find an honorable way to spin our exit from Afghanistan. Training and more training may have been more important than killing and more killing in the eyes of the surviving Afghanistan people. American-led training of Afghanistan police forces strongly emphasizes a code of conduct based on integrity that the recruits are pounded on from day one. The results are that every year since the training began the Afghanistan public perception of their police officers has improved. A recent United Nations survey showed 81% of the Afghanistan people expressed personal respect for the Afghanistan police. The results are good news for America's hopes for the long term security of Afghanistan. The glue that will hold their nation together after American troops leave will be personal respect for their police and army and their ability to maintain stability enough for farmers to profit from bumper crops of opium poppies and cannabis. Afghanistan is the world's number one exporter of both opium and hashish. American forces learned early on that poppy and cannabis eradication policies were no more welcome than Taliban extortion and murder policies. The Afghanistan police understand the importance of having the respect of the Afghanistan public and that has resulted in many eradication policies being eradicated.
Julian Assange joins Vladislav Golunov and FREAKINGNEWS.COM as Russian state sponsored purveyors of virulent anti-American propaganda.
Julian Assange Paid $1 Million To Host Anti-American Program On Russian TV
February 18, 2012 The same Putin-powered Russian government propaganda effort that spawned FREAKINGNEWS.COM, an anti-American propaganda web site, has launched another anti-American propaganda media effort. Julian Assange will host an anti-American television program on Russia Today which is an official government-owned television station. Assange will spew anti-American crap and trash talk on Russian television because the U.S. government was able to stop his huge Visa/Mastercard money flow from gullible contributors in America who may have assumed WikiLeaks.com was part of WikiPedia.com. A financially strapped Assange became unable to maintain his high living blonde bondage role playing luxury lifestyle so he was eager to accept the Russian cash offer which may also contain role playing sex slaves on demand. Vladislav Golunov an operative of the Russian government and Russian Communist Party may have represented the Russians and the cash transfer may have occurred over a role-playing meal of bangers and mash in London. Golunov, who makes a living soliciting assassination-themed anti-American images and offensive racist crap and Assange may have been overheard howling with laughter, "Those fucking Americans! They've so fucking stupid, Comrade!" These two anti-American assholes currently owe every single pound, euro and ruble in their pockets to their chosen full time careers of disseminating anti-American information, anti-American classified data and anti-American assassination-themed psyche-rotting contest images. 50 years ago a Soviet defector, Lee Harvey Oswald, assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy and to this day assassination-themed images of any President are NOT considered funny or Photoshop fun.
NH Newspaper Endorses Security Over Liberty
November 27, 2011 The geriatric editors of the Manchester Union Leader have endorsed the biggest hypocrite in American politics for the Republican Presidential nomination. The backwards thinking of a few way-past-retirement self-righteous wealthy New Hampshire gas bags, who see their mirror-image in Newt Gingrich, will not stop the inevitable generational change that will, from shame, ultimately shed all traces of this, the worst political generation in Republican Party history.
GOP Pity Party For High-Tech Lynching Victims
November 1, 2011 Conservative commentators claim that uppity blacks that deign to speak their conservative minds are subjected to a high-tech lynching have organized a pity party. Now that Hermain Cain appears to be the unlikely frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination he has faced increased scrutiny. Upon the news of his past sex scandals that included cash settlements his supporters immediately played the race card.
Tea Party Congress Has Damaged America
September 18, 2011 The Tea Party GOP freshman class in the House of Representatives is out of control. They act like spoiled rotten incorrigible little stubborn bastards probably just like their parents. America has jumped the shark with this GOP Tea Party belligerent temper tantrum nonsense. Most children behave far better than most of the bratty new Republican Tea Party rookies in Congress. In prior years, misbehaving little piglets were kept in line with promises of pork barrel handouts and goodies.
Cantor Brings Tea Party Terrorism To Debt Talks
July 15, 2011 Virginia Republican Congressman Eric Cantor has been drinking the potent and trance-inducing Tea Party blend of tea brewed by the Koch Brothers and has become zombie-like in the mental rigidty of his petulant position which seeks no compromise or deal of any kind.
Cheney considers heart transplant Cheney Demands Heart From Healthy Teenager
May 8, 2011 Dick Cheney wears a battery-powered heart pump and is considering a heart transplant but is demanding a healthy teenage heart preferably from one healthy teenage body builder Cheney recently met. "Instead of dying on duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, the young man could honor America by donating his teenage heart and life to preserve the life of former Vice President Cheney." a Cheney supporter suggested.
Wisconsin strongman declares NO ROOM FOR COMPROMISE.
Wisconsin Strongman: No Room For Compromise
Febuary 21, 2011 Wisconsin strongman and Republican Governor Scott Walker issued his strongest words yet in his refusal to back down from his union-busting bill to strip most Wisconsin government workers of their collective bargaining rights. Unions have already agreed to Walker's financial demands but rightfully refuse to give up rights won over a 50 year period.
Tiki Room Used For Wiki Leaks Tiki Room Used For Wiki Leaks
December 1, 2010 Julian Assange's Wikileaks has infuriated people by leaking information that is embarrassing to United States and foreign diplomats.
Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder says Bush version is a lie
Bush Rewrites History Into Bad Fiction!
November 9, 2010 Many news analysts have trashed former President Bush's memoirs as FALSE with a capitol "F", a pack of lies, not close to the truth, total fiction and utter horseshit. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder says Bush is lying.
Kansas site of international incident over burning of pancakes
International Incident Over Burning Of Pancakes
September 15, 2010 International House of Pancakes has sued Kansas-based International House of Prayer after an international incident that left pancake lovers seething. IHOP spokespersons claimed the annual pancake breakfast was ruined when IHOP lawyers demanded IHOP cease making pancakes and make prayers instead. The IHOP volunteer cooks took offense and deliberately burned all 580 pancakes and a melee ensued.
Reports say Osama Bin-Laden has been hiding in Sabzevar, Iran for 5 years and has 3,811 Facebook friends.
Military Intelligence Site Finds Osama Bin Laden
June 8, 2010 Military intelligence website DEBKA.COM has revealed the secret location of Osama Bin-Laden and his top Al-Qaeda assistants. They've been hiding in northeast Iran under the protection of the Iranian government and the Prime Minister of Turkey is aware of the location. Bin-Laden had previously been thought to be hiding in Pakistan but is reported to have been hiding in Sabzevar, Iran for 5 years and has 3,811 Facebook friends.
Arizona Governor wants predator drones for the border
Arizona Wants Drones For Border
May 24, 2010 The governor of Arizona has sent a letter to President Obama requesting Predator drones and millitary helicopters for use in patrolling the Mexican border for illegal immigrants who arrive on pregnant Mexican mares that later drop anchor foals.
 Vladislav Golunov and FREAKINGNEWS.COM pass off anti-American propaganda and racist crap as photoshop fun
FREAKINGNEWS.COM is a Biysk, Russia-based anti-American propaganda operation of the Russian government and Russian Communist Party. FREAKINGNEWS.COM passes off anti-American propaganda and racist crap as photoshop fun. The cold war is over. However, anti-American propaganda is effective in many places around the globe in the ongoing battle for geopolitical and economic spheres of influence. Johnx1 is a particularly despicable anti-American propagandist who sells out America and Americans with his assassination themed Russian-pleasing anti-American garbage. FREAKINGNEWS.COM EXISTS SPECIFICALLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF GENERATING ANTI-AMERICAN PROPAGANDA. THE UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE IS AWARE OF THESE ASSASSINATION-THEMED IMAGES, VLADISLAV GOLUNOV aka NewsMaster, AND DOUBLE DOUCHEBAG johnx1.
2010 FREAKINGNEWS.COM Anti-American Crap or Racist Crap List
happy face from Russian commie-ass-kissing judges... happy face from suck-up-to-judges artist/voters...
artist paid cash for anti-American or racist crap... happy face from Russian Communist propagandists
"Funny Farm" by hobbit90 ... Another pathetic Russian-asskisser desperately wanting a little toy pixel trophy eagerly sells out America and Americans with anti-American crap depicting the U.S. President beaten up and in a straight jacket.
"Throttle Up" by Xaos54 ... Xaos54 discovered the easy chicken-shit way to win toy pixel trophies and he's all puckered up and creating anti-American, anti-Obama propoganda for Russian communist bastard Vladislav Gulonov and his Russian Communist anti-American website. Congratulations Xaos54, take your $5 prize, buy a hammer and beat on your sickle commie-ass-kissing face.
"Sticky" by johnx1 ...to please Russian Communists, slime-sucking anti-American douchebag johnx1 goes to the very bottom to create a despicably clear Obama assassination message in Easter candy.
"Been Hidding In Space" by johnx1 ...despicable double douchebag slime-sucking anti-American propagandist johnx1 sticks to the kill U.S. President Obama theme.
"Pelosi Calls For Sacrifice" by Hitspinner ...70 year-old sad wannabe artist goes satanic in desperate beg for Russian NewsMaster's approval.
"Obama" by funkwood ...Canadian-based anti-American propagandist strikes again. This time Obama's nastily depicted as a one-eyed Arab terrorist.
"Nostrildamus" by KeepItReal ... this artist reads near-fascist-American Malkin yet is cluelessly creating anti-American images for a Russian Communist website.
"Long Way Baby" by Slixter...the clearly racist author is 60 years behind the times. However, blackface or Amos n' Andy racist humor is a laugh riot to racist Russian anti-American propagandists.
"Letter To Kenya" by Tarkus ...the real birth issue is that of the racist Russian site administrator, NewsMaster, who laughs out loud at pea-brain American dupes like Tarkus.
"The Artist" by Renegade ...commie-hating stooge Renegade is gonna feel mighty stupid when he learns he's been a Russian commie's tool and fool.
Vladislav Gulonov operates FREAKINGNEWS.COM, an anti-American propaganda operation of the Russian government and Russian Communist Party
commie Russian Rally For Biysk Fave Vladislav Golunov
April 16, 2010 Biysk, Russia Vladislav Golunov aka NewsMaster, Russian administrator of the Russian anti-American propaganda site, FREAKINGNEWS.COM is a celebrity in his hometown of Biysk, Russia. He's one of the most popular senior circuit toastmasters, comedians and local televison personalities around. His total recall of racist Amos n' Andy mannerisms is hilarious to local Russians as he bashes American President Obama mercilessly with racist jokes that are often 75 years old. Men old enough to remember original racist Amos n' Andy comedy died in the great war but dozens of 75 to 95 year-old Russian women still laugh themselves to tears listening to Golunov's racist blackface parodies and many salty old-time anti-American routines.
FREAKINGNEWS.COM is an anti-American propaganda operation of the Russian government and Russian Communist Party
commie Golunov To Americans: Shut Up And Amuse Me
April 15, 2010 Biysk, Russia 5'4" Vladislav Golunov aka NewsMaster, Russian administrator of the Russian anti-American propaganda site, FREAKINGNEWS.COM is tired of Americans and all their bellyaching and has eliminated all of their comments temporarily as a warning. Golunov will temporarily avoid being blasted personally for enjoying racist blackface or Amos n' Andy humor so much that an indefensibly racist piece "Letter to Kenya" was selected as his personal favorite. Gulonov, by removing all comments is now making a clear statement to all American artists: SHUT UP AND AMUSE ME. Golunov has been criticized harshly for deleting all references to his Biysk, Russian location and for a blatant personal bias towards racist anti-American politics. One deleted comment was irate. "NEWSMASTER, you DO NOT SPEAK FOR AMERICANS, you commie bastard. RACISM IS NOT POPULAR HERE IN THE UNITED STATES. You are obviously ignorant of American values so you should keep your goddam social commentary confined to your own goddam hometown of Biysk, Russia". Golunov mistakently believes thousands of Americans who unknowingly registered with the Russian website, FREAKINGNEWS.COM are racists like himself and enjoy racist blackface or Amos n' Andy humor so much that an indefensibly racist piece "Letter to Kenya" was honored as his personal favorite. Unfortunaltely, no dissenting opinions are allowed at FREAKINGNEWS.COM to balance the blantant racist and anti-American attitudes of Golunov. Duped American wannabe artists have now been pandering to the racist and anti-American tilt of the site administrator for far too long.
Russians celebrate propaganda victories
commie Russians Celebrate Propaganda Victories
April 10, 2010 Biysk, Russia The Russian government and the Communist Party celebrated past and present anti-American propaganda victories today with banners, speeches and a short parade. FreakingNews.com which operates an anti-American propaganda website with the full assistance and cooperation of the Communist Party and Russian government was honored for current anti-American propaganda efforts. Master of ceremonies at the event, Vladislav Golunov aka NewsMaster, singled out the brilliant efforts of one Canadian-based operative known as Funkwood as "the most effective anti-American propagandist nurtured and developed since the KGB okayed the creation of the anti-American propaganda web site during the George Bush American presidency". The real American anger at President George Bush gave the KGB an opportunity to establish a web niche from which galleries of anti-American images are generated for use throughout the world in the ongoing battle for geopolitical and economic spheres of influence. Golunov has managed to conduct the operation by censoring images even slightly critical of the Communist Party or the Russian government while thousands of anti-American images have been posted. The site is currently helping to stir controversy inside America, re-exploit racial sterotypes and generally attempt to create hatred of current U.S. President Obama. Golunov offers the thinnest of cover stories to inquiries saying he has no bias against Obama and offers denigratory images of Bush as proof. That any Americans naively accept that flim-flam is highly amusing to the Russians today and cause for a celebratory round of vodka salutes to Golunov. The Russian Communists, Vladislav Golunov and his operatives at FreakingNews.com clearly understand that it makes no difference if a Democratic President or a Republican President is targeted because it still serves the larger Russian and Communist Party interests and validates the operation for the purpose of anti-American propaganda.
Biysk, Russia - home of FREAKINGNEWS.COMcommie FreakingNews.Commie Connection
April 6, 2010 Welcome to redirected vistors from FREAKINGNEWS.NET and FREAKINGNEWS.ORG... This web site was established in the attempt to counter some of the anti-American propaganda posted by the Russian-owned web site FREAKINGNEWS.COM. FREAKINGNEWS.COM hosts contests in which unsuspecting and completely duped Americans compete to create hundreds of denigratory images of Americans Obama, McCain, Palin, Cheney, Bush, Clinton and others. The Russian-owned web site rewards the eager-to-please artists with cash and little toy pixel trophies, often for the image that casts the prominent American in the most satanic light. Many of the contest judges or jurors as they call themselves, are from Australia and Canada and other foreign countries and consistently reward message-laden anti-American images by use of a very rigged voting system. The judges, who are not Americans and do not live in America, might as well be working for the Russian Communist Party or Russian government. Considering the 100% Russian ownership of the domain name and web site, these denigratory images now look a lot more like a slick long term Russian KGB anti-American propaganda campaign than so-called artistic contests or parodies. The owner listed on whois as Vladislav Golunov in Biysk, Russia, is definitely laughing out loud (LOL) at the gullible Americans. Imagine if an American set up a very popular web site in the Russian language and in Russia (.ru) where Russians were rewarded in cash for denigratory and anti-Russian propaganda images. Imagine how long that site would stay up without retribution on the Russian contributors. Would the Chinese government allow an American web site in Chinese and in China (.cn) to host contests for photoshop ridicule of Chinese government and Communist Party officials? Not on your life. And that's what's great about America, where we allow a Communist in Russia to host contests in English for Americans to exercise their freedoms even if that means to ridicule American patriots and create galleries of anti-American images for the world at large. This website, NEWSCHOPS.COM, was established soley because you cannot say any of these dissenting words on FREAKINGNEWS.COM. Russian Vladislav Golunov censors opposing comments faster than the Russians of 1963 when Khruschev was banging his shoe on the podium and promising to bury America. Then JFK was assassinated. Yet today, disgustingly, on Russian-owned FREAKINGNEWS.COM, a picture of the current U.S. President with his head blown off (candy syrup instead of blood) is very popular with the Russian, Australian and Canadian judges who so adore anti-American imagery.
Vladislav Gulonov aka NewsMaster honored in Russia for anti-American propaganda efforts
Russian-owned web-site host contests to create satanic images of Americans Obama, McCain, Sarah Palin, Cheney, Bush and other prominent Americans.
Australian psychic waist reader helps in matters of the heartAustralian psychic waist reader helps in matters of the heart
Australian psychic waist reader helps in matters of the heart
Waist Size Predictor To Heart Health
October 22, 2010 The facts from the Australian study surprised many medical experts but not one voluptuous Australia psychic who switched from reading palms to reading bellies years ago. Aussie Abbie VanBeltzer noticed a significant increase in visionary accuracy after switching from palm to belly readings.
South Korean ship sunk by human torpedoes South Korean Ship Sunk By Human Torpedoes
April 22, 2010 South Korean military intelligence announced today that the South Korean ship, Cheonan, was sunk March 26 on the direct orders of North Korean dictator Kim Jung Il. A suicide squad of North Korean human torpedoes reportedly carried out the attack that killed 46 South Korean sailors and an unknown number of human torpedoes.
Limbaugh promised to move to Costa Rica
Limbaugh Promised To Leave America
March 27, 2010 Rush Limbaugh promised to leave America if healthcare legislation passed. Costa Rica is beautiful so when is he leaving?
Take home a delicious bucket of Phuket Duck today. 8 pieces only $12.99
Thai Food Growing Up Fast
Offer good through May 14, 2010 Take home a delicious bucket of Phuket Duck today. Special internet price. 8 pieces only $12.99
2012 Presidential Derby
It's On! The 2012 Presidential Derby Begins!
November 5, 2010 A field of sixteen active candidates are already running on the track. President Obama is ready for a marathon challenge from a large field of Republicans. Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee have galloped to the front of the pack in the early running.
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